Scottish housebuyers 'could be swayed by Neighbourhood Watch scheme'

People looking to buy a house in Scotland could be tempted into choosing a property based on factors such as a low crime rate or the existence of a neighbourhood watch scheme, according to an expert. Miles Shipman, commercial director at UK property website Rightmove, said that an area’s crime rate normally has a big influence on people’s feelings about a property. “Crime is an important factor. Areas with a neighbourhood watch and areas with a better track record on crime are also one of the key factors [that people look for],” Mr Shipman said. He also suggested that people looking to buy a house in Scotland that would mean they move away from friends and family will probably be interested in how close a property is to transport links, which will enable them to visit loved ones. Yorkshire Bank’s house buyers’ survey, which was published last month, revealed that 74 per cent of people value a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.