When is the right time to draw up a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is something older people draw up – is that right? This is a common misunderstanding we come across every day when discussing Powers of Attorney with our clients. You see, a Power of Attorney is such a useful legal tool that it is not something only older people should consider. None […]

Should I always accept the highest offer?

There are several buyers interested in your property. At a closing date, your solicitor is sitting on multiple offers and you have to decide which one to accept. It seems pretty straightforward that you just accept the highest offer – or does it? It’s not always the case that the highest offer is the best […]

Can you help your children get on the housing ladder?

With ever rising house prices there can be no doubt that many of “Generation Z” will struggle to get their foot on the first rung of the housing ladder. Equity Release activity neared pre pandemic levels during April – June this year and is fast becoming a popular means to provide children with a living […]

Pandemic pandemonium…………..in property!

When did our first “Lockdown” hit? Well it was over 200 days before I started writing this article. It seems more like 200 years actually. When lockdown hit property purchase and sale transactions stopped, pretty well overnight. Even transactions which were fully underway couldn’t get finished because the Land Register closed. And you couldn’t even […]

Keeping the work going……….

We are all living in very weird times. Some families have been devastated when Covid 19 took a loved one from them. It is impossible not to feel for them. For those of us not so affected we still have to deal with the restrictions placed on us all. Despite everything however – life must […]

Potential new “you are leaving this hospital” rules

It seems pretty clear that when this pandemic is over nothing is going to be quite the same for most of us. Will “home working” become the norm? What will happen to the travel industry? Will the retail industry be changed forever? These huge questions will be answered in due course. Even just “drilling down” […]

Coronavirus – one legal step older people should take now.

We all hoped it wasn’t going to happen but our hopes were dashed. A pandemic is upon us and our lives will never be the same again. As I write this our Prime Minster is intensive care, a family member has had the virus, and I am worried about vulnerable friends. It is all getting […]

Coronavirus update

We have worked continuously for our clients throughout the pandemic and we will continue to work flat out whilst observing all restrictions. All our offices are open with full Covid protection procedures in place.   We can still deal with almost all legal work using telephone communication and “video” meetings over zoom or other platforms […]