Clients Complaints procedure

We hope that you will not have any reason to complain but if you do please use the following procedure

  1. In the first instance speak to the person who is primarily dealing with your work. The person's name is on the first page of this terms of business letter.  If the person dealing with your work cannot resolve your complaint please ask to speak to his or her superior.


  1. If you remain dissatisfied, please direct your complaint, in writing where possible, to our Lead Client Relations Contact:  David Borrowman, 29 George Street, Bathgate EH48 1PG, phone 01506 815900.


If for any reason you are unable to submit your complaint in writing then by all means telephone David Borrowman or arrange for someone to assist you in making your complaint.


  1. Your complaint will be acknowledged and investigated within what we consider to be a reasonable time, depending on the urgency of the matter and the work levels of the person dealing with the matter, and you will either be telephoned or written to or, in cases where it seems necessary or desirable, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the complaint. No fee is charged for complaint resolution.


  1. Once a practical solution has been agreed, we will write to you setting out what has been agreed and will ensure that we carry out our part of the agreement. If a practical solution cannot be agreed then we will write to you setting out our understanding of your concerns and the firm's response.


  1. If you remain dissatisfied then you may refer the matter to The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, The Stamp Office, 10 - 14 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3DG. PLEASE NOTE that the SLCC operates strict time limits for accepting complaints, which require complaints to be made within one year of the service ending or the conduct occurring. However, the SLCC will disregard any time it considers that the complainer was excusably unaware of their concerns.


Please note that we would much rather, if you have a concern, have it raised sooner than later so that anything which threatens to get in the way of a good relationship between solicitor and client can be removed.   If the relationship between solicitor and client breaks down for any reason then we would not be able to continue to act.


In compliance with the Provision of Service Regulations 2009 we give you the following information:-

  1. We are Caesar & Howie, a partnership, having our main office at 29 George Street, Bathgate, EH48 1PG.  We are Solicitors and our professional body is the Law Society of Scotland.
  2. Our VAT number is 268 4407 38
  3. Our Professional Indemnity Insurance cover is The Law Society of Scotland's Compulsory Master Policy for Professional Indemnity Insurance. The cover is provided by a panel of insurers, the lead insurer being     Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc whose address for these purposes is 200 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5SG.  Coverage is worldwide.
  4. If you require information on the professional rules applicable to us you may examine the Standards of Conduct Practice Rules for Solicitors in Scotland on the website of the Law Society of Scotland - - which provides two clickable links to the Standards.
  5. The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC) provides a single point of contact for all complaints against Legal Practitioners in Scotland. SLCC will investigate allegations of inadequate professional service.  Allegations of professional misconduct are referred by the SLCC to the Law Society of Scotland for investigation.