South Kessock development plans 'to be unveiled'

A new waterfront housing development in South Kessock is to be unveiled next week, a site that could include some attractive properties for those looking to buy a house in Scotland. According to the Inverness Courier, developer Caledonian Property Partnership will put on a day-long exhibition of the proposals, with locals invited to declare their views on the planned development. “It would be something new for South Kessock although waterfront developments are not new in other areas and have worked well in other regeneration areas such as Leith, Glasgow and Liverpool,” said Inverness Central councillor Peter Corbett, according to the newspaper. A spokesperson for Caledonian Property Partnership claimed that the plans were “very exciting”, something that may whet the appetite of anyone looking to buy a house in Scotland. The plans will reportedly result in construction on a disused industrial area in South Kessock. The official Inverness City website claims Inverness has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, as well as the lowest pollution levels of any British city.