Scotland house prices 'staying strong'

Those looking to sell a house in Scotland could be buoyed by the recent research suggesting that homes in the region are bucking the overall UK trend. According to a report in the Glasgow Evening Times, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has noted that whereas house prices in other areas of the UK were in record low territory, 90 per cent of Rics members reported Scottish house prices were the same or higher than previously. “Scotland is in a unique position with house prices continuing to increase, albeit not at a booming’ rate. The general feeling within the industry is that the Scottish market is currently holding up well,” said Rics Scotland director Graeme Hartley, according to the paper. This may come as good news to those looking to sell a house in Scotland, as it means their home will be worth more than in certain other places in the UK. According to the Rics UK Housing Market Survey for March 2008, Scotland is the only UK region with the “net balance of surveyors” noting a rise in house prices.