Worried mortgage consumers given help

Consumers worried about how they will pay off their mortgage arrears have been urged to visit a site designed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to offer worthwhile assistance.

Through its Moneymadeclear website, the FSA has offered its advice on how best to tackle any serious mortgage-related debt problems, which could be of use to some people currently looking to sell a house in Scotland.

Tips from the authority include checking budgets, planning any actions as early as possible and asking for advice from those in a suitable position to offer it.

In order to boost traffic directed toward its mortgage debt advice service, the FSA has launched a £2 million advertising campaign that could catch the eye of people looking to buy or sell a house in Scotland.

Chris Pond, the FSA’s director of financial capability, commented: "Economic conditions are getting tougher, putting pressure on family finances.

"Our new checklist sets out simple steps that homeowners can take to manage their money and mortgage in difficult times."

Meanwhile, a recent report from the Co-operative Bank has suggested that the typical British consumer spends close to two years of their life worrying about their financial circumstances.