Highland house prices 'growing quickest'

House prices in the Highlands grew faster than anywhere else in Scotland, newly-published figures have revealed.

Statistics released by the Bank of Scotland have shown the cost of buying a home in the area has risen by 221 per cent since 1997.

This compares to the capital Edinburgh, which has seen prices grow by 201 per cent during the last ten years.

Scottish county North Lanarkshire was the only region in Britain to record an average price rise of less than 150 per cent as its property prices increased by just 149 per cent, the survey revealed.

The Bank of Scotland’s research also discovered that six counties north of the border now have an average house price of more than £200,000.

Jamie Macnab, head of country homes at Savills, told the Scotsman he was not surprised by the findings.

He reported that an increasing number of Highland residents can afford higher prices now, whereas before it tended to be outside buyers purchasing the more expensive houses.

"This may be because the local economy has strengthened and people are making more money. It could also be linked to Inverness becoming a city," Mr Mcnab added.