Post-earthquake advice

Property experts have advised homeowners to ensure that they are fully aware of any damage that may have been caused to their home by the recent earthquake.

The quake was unusually serious for the UK and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has warned that ignoring the property damage that was caused would prove to be a costly mistake.

Rics’ advice could be of useful to anyone looking to sell a house in Scotland and the organisation has highlighted ceiling cracks and missing roof tiles as two of the more likely problems the earthquake may have caused.

Ian Potts, a Rics spokesperson, said: "If properties are left unchecked and damages are not routed out and repaired straight away, it could cause more extensive damage to the property and to the wallets."

In other news that could interest anyone looking to buy a house in Scotland, the National Landlords Association recently criticised a report from the British Property Foundation that claimed "branded rental" apartments could "solve the housing crisis".