Women 'urged to seek advice on finance'

Despite many females being in control of their monetary situation, there are signs that a considerable amount of women do not give their finances enough attention.

Recent figures from Scottish Widows suggests that while 54 per cent of men who "could and should" be saving for their pension, less than half (41 per cent) of women are doing so.

The Scotsman reports that some 13,000 divorces are granted in Scotland on an annual basis and as such an increasing number of women may face having to fend for themselves financially.

Poor money management could leave such females in danger of running into trouble with finance.

As such, it may be advisable for women to seek legal and financial advice before seeking a divorce to ensure that they are not left in the red, especially if there are children or other dependents to support.

Figures from Scottish Widows suggest that 7.3 million women are financially dependent on their husbands or partners.