All of us 'want a one-stop shop for legal services'

A one-stop shop for the provision of legal services would be welcomed by consumers, MSPs have been told

Shadow community safety officer Paul Martin told the Midlothian Advertiser that the party recognises that we live in a "one-stop shop age".

"It is clearly evident that consumers – all of us – want our commodities to be available at the one point of contact," he added.

He added that the notion of being able to access legal services and other commodities via one point of contact sounds appealing and that "probably the majority" of clients would welcome such a business model.

Earlier this month, the Law Society of Scotland issued a consultation paper regarding the possible changes to the delivery of Scottish legal services which would allow non-lawyer providers such as supermarkets to offer legal aid.

It urged all interested parties to respond to the paper by January 31st 2008.