Scotland's trial system 'needs change'

A report by a retired high court judge has called for changes to be made to Scotland’s trial system, it has been reported.

The paper, by Lord Coulsfield, appeals for improvements to the system to be made through legislation.

New policy was called for in order to clarify the legal requirements of disclosing information held by the Crown – that may clear an individual accused of a crime – to the defendant in question.

Lord Coulsfield commented: "I hope that this report will itself help to promote the clarity and security that the system of disclosure needs, as no doubt will future decisions of the higher courts."

Scotland’s Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini stated that the report marks a "significant step" towards the level of clarity required in this particular area of law.

In other news, reform of the ways in which consumers bid for houses in Scotland was recently called for by MSP Dr Bill Wilson.