Caesar & Howie undergoes restructuring

The central Scotland law firm Caesar & Howie has been restructured and will now come under a single brand called the Caesar & Howie Group.

All of the services provided by the company are now offered by five divisions.

Senior Issues offers support and advice for older people on topics as diverse as health and leisure tips, equity release, welfare, finance and legal matters.

Central Scotland New Homes provides information for consumers interested in purchasing a home in the region.

Bereavement Legal Services offers help and support for people left to manage the legal and practical issues which follow the death of a loved one.

Kupdom is a specially tailored service which helps Polish people in the UK obtain funds to purchase a home.

SPORTSassist is a scheme whereby providers can pay amateur sports clubs to market their services, providing such organisations with a continual source of income.

Managing partner David Borrowman told Firm Magazine: "We are looking forward to the continued expansion and success of the business well into the 21st century and will continue to look at ways in which our services can be improved upon."

The Caesar & Howie Group was formed over 200 years ago.