Salmond's plans accused of being 'light on policy'

Alex Salmond’s programme for his first year in government was accused of being light on legislation after it was announced yesterday, it has been revealed.

Opposition parties claimed that the new first minister’s 11 proposed bills avoided a range of manifesto promises.

Legislation on airguns cannot be drawn up until the Scottish Executive is granted approval to continue from Westminster – due to the reserved status of firearms regulation – and council tax rates will be frozen until a consultation can be carried out to assess the viability of replacing the charge with a local income tax.

Acting leader of Labour Cathy Jamieson told the Scotsman that the new executive had failed to deliver on ambitious election promises.

Nicol Stephen, leader of the Liberal Democrats, told the publication that the scheme was "all dog and no dinner".

Mr Salmond was elected as first minister by the Scottish parliament on May 16th this year.