Paper on relaxation of Scottish legal services issued

The Law Society of Scotland has issued a consultation paper on rules regarding the delivery of legal services.

If the laws are relaxed, the provision of legal aid in Scotland may be changed fundamentally, as non-lawyer providers such as supermarkets or banks would be able to deliver legal services.

Richard Henderson, president of the Law Society of Scotland, commented that the issue is one of the most important to be raised in the history of the Scottish legal profession and could result in far-reaching changes for the profession and the public.

"There is a growing demand for change both from within the profession and other interested parties – including consumers – and while we have embraced the need for change … we cannot underestimate some of the challenges that must be addressed to do this," he said.

Mr Henderson urged everyone with an interest to respond to the paper by Januray 31st 2008.

The Law Society of Scotland is the governing body for Scottish solicitors and was founded in 1949.