Woman 'constrained by will clause'

The widow of a well-known figure in Edinburgh law circles has been left more than she may have bargained for in her husband’s will. Gladys Corbett is allowed to carry on living in the family home she shared with her late husband Ian, but may have the property taken away from her if she remarries. Mrs Corbett has no legal ownership of her husband’s share in the Edinburgh property as it has been left to her as a life-rent. Should she remarry, the executors of Mr Corbett’s estate would be left to decide what to do with the share, which could include awarding it to a third party. Aside from the Edinburgh house, the remainder of Mr Corbett’s estate was left to his wife directly, meaning that she owns it outright. Consumers may wish to seek legal advice when considering writing a will to gain a fuller understanding of intricacies that they may be unfamiliar with. The late Mr Corbett represented his friend Sir Sean Connery in a number of legal matters.