Sustainable housing 'should be implemented nationwide'

In news that may be pertinent to environmentally-friendly househunters looking to buy a house in Scotland, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has advised against the creation of eco-towns. Brian Berry, director of external affairs at the FMB, has claimed that, rather than investing in new eco-communities, a reform of the planning system should be adopted to supply higher environmental standards to existing houses. “What we want is high quality housing in every village and town and that is much more sustainable than building new settlements that are deemed to be eco-towns,” he said. Mr Berry argued that sustainable standards are required nationwide and not just in new settlements; however, he acknowledged that there is a need in the UK to create more housing solutions. Zero-carbon homes will cost more to purchase than standard properties, according to 42 per cent of builders questioned by the National House-Building Council.