SPORTSassist to change sports funding

A new initiative is to herald in a new system of funding for amateur sports clubs operating in Dumfries and Galloway.

SPORTsassist, which operates across Scotland and is a division of Caesar and Howie, hopes to provide sports clubs with regular finance and is being supported by a number of local businesses, reports the Dumfries and Galloway Standard.

According to the scheme’s website, participants will agree a two-year marketing deal
committing them to advertise a number of professional service provides.

In return they receive a quarterly income and access to a range of services such as mortgages and medical insurance.

David Borrowman, the principle partner at SPORTSassist said the initiative is essentially "self help" adding "if clubs and officials have the same passion for sport as we have, funding problems for clubs can be resolved permanently".

If participating officials and members are "motivated", they can help to "create continuing revenue streams", he added.