Senior Issues Roadshow hits Whitburn

SI-Roadshow Whitburn Miner’s Welfare was the latest stop off for the Caesar and Howie Senior Issues Roadshow.  The Scottish Pensions Association hosted the annual meeting of their Whitburn branch and invited the Caesar and Howie team of Terry Ann O’Donnell and Lesley Cunningham to address the gathering. Terry Ann’s presentation on “Family Care – The Three Legal Documents You Must Sign” was listened to attentively by an audience of between 60 and 70.  As usual Terry Ann’s presentation on the legal issues, folk must deal with to care for their families properly, raised a lot of interest and stimulated lively debate – including what can happen to families if one of their number becomes incapacitated. One lady from the floor explained how she hadn’t really thought much about getting a Power of Attorney done but she had taken a lawyers advice and done one as had her husband.  “It turned out to be the best thing I ever did as unforeseen circumstances did hit the family and having a Power of Attorney in place was a godsend” A question and answer session followed with lots of interesting points being discussed.  Caesar and Howie partner Lesley Cunningham commented “I love these nights. Everyone is so interested in what we discuss and talk about being lively – these groups can wear you out!  You need to be on the ball too – because many in the audience are very much on the ball – but that just adds to the fun of the evening.” If you want Caesar and Howie to deliver this FREE seminar to your group, please contact Sandra Pimbley on 01506 815913.