Scottish housing market continues to thrive

The number of people looking to buy a house in Scotland has continued to buck the trends being set elsewhere in the UK, according to the Times.

It is reported that house prices in Scotland rose by ten per cent this year and that the country is expected to see continued growth in 2008 with the housing market continuing to outperform the rest of the UK.

The newspaper also notes that analysts from Knight Frank have predicted a five per cent rise with HBOS and Hometrack forecasting four and three per cent rises respectively.

Commenting on the current situation, Faisal Choudhry of Savills in Glasgow said that the housing market in the country was currently thriving and that many looking to sell a house in Edinburgh can expect a fair price.

"Tenement flats for under £100,000 get snapped up very quickly. That sort of price is hard to find in Edinburgh, but anything at the bottom there sells immediately, too. And the top end of the market is still performing stronger than ever. It’s booming."

Earlier this week a spokeswoman for Nationwide said first-time buyers could alleviate the stress involved with property buying by considering a joint mortgage.