Scottish Hips could be more useful than English counterparts

A Scottish version of home information packs (Hips) is to be introduced later this year, which could be of benefit to people looking to buy a house in Scotland, according to one website. In December, Scottish Home Reports are to be introduced, which will act in a similar way to Hips in England and Wales, which were introduced last year for properties for sale. The Scottish property versions may see an improvement on the English packs, however, according to Which?, as they build on the existing packs that include energy performance certificates and several sales documents. Nick Cheek, assistant editor of the price comparison site, claimed that the English Hips could stand to benefit from introducing elements of the Scottish system into their packs. He said: “These will include, not only what’s included in the English Hips, which is the energy performance certificate, but they’ll also include a survey which is really what we’d like to see. “I think [this] would make Hips much more useful than they are now.” Quotes for Hips in England and Wales vary from region to region, with price disparities ranging from £234 to £529.