Scottish cities provide 'attractive lifestyle balance'

Scotland’s major cities represent an attractive investment opportunity due to their cosmopolitan atmosphere combined with their proximity to rural space, according to one commentator.

In news likely to be welcomed by owners of Scottish property, Kate Hamilton, editor of Homes and Property, asserted that many buyers are attracted to Scotland’s green spaces.

However, as they do not want to miss out on the city lifestyle, such investors are thought to be attracted to the likes of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

"I think the average property price in Edinburgh is about £235,000 at the moment, so compare that to London [and] obviously there’s a lot to offer. But people aren’t losing out on the lifestyle at all," Ms Hamilton commented.

According to the Buy Association, an independent property advisory body of which Homes and Property is part, increasing numbers of people are being forced out of larger cities such as London in search of a more balanced lifestyle.

"[Any] smaller city which makes the countryside more accessible is definitely appealing to modern buyers," Ms Hamilton continued.

And while average prices in Greater London are likely to surpass £300,000 in the next three months, according to Halifax figures, house price values are increasing across the board with Scottish property showing some of the strongest growth.

Earlier this week figures from the Halifax suggested that the average price of property had reached £100,000 in every town in the UK for the first time.