Scottish cities 'an obvious investment choice'

Cities across Scotland represent an "obvious investment choice" for those intending to invest and save, one Edinburgh estate agent has suggested.

Mathew Benson, director of land and homes at Retties, and his colleague and director of residential sales, Tony Perriam, have told property website Assetz that locations in Scotland offer good investment potential for a wide variety of buyers.

"Scotland has historically had a relatively high price differential with the south-east and many other parts of the UK," they explain, citing the capital as one city which has experienced a surge in prices in recent months.

Another advantage which has been noted as present for new homes in Scotland is the cities’ proximity to attractive rural escapes, with lochs and mountains within easy range of many conurbations.

Last month the Lloyds TSB Scotland House Price Monitor recorded a strong performance from a number of Scottish cities, with the best showings made by Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.