Planning and energy bill 'would not help property'

The proposed planning and energy bill will prevent the delivery of new housing, resulting in fewer environmentally-friendly properties being created, according to the Home Builders Federation (HBF).

Director of external affairs at the organisation John Slaughter stated in recent days that while the HBF supported the introduction of the policy planning statements (PPS) and their moves to encourage more environmentally-friendly house building, the bill is of concern.

He noted that the bill goes further than the PPS and it is of concern to them that it risks making the situation more difficult for developers due to more stringent controls, which may in turn affect those looking to buy a house in Scotland.

"Our point of view is that it prevents the delivery of new housing and in the process will result in fewer environmentally-friendly houses rather than more. That’s why we’re rather puzzled by the proposals," he concluded.

In other news that may interest those looking to buy a house in Scotland, the Federation of Master Builders recently stated that a modern kitchen and bathroom are two important selling points to consider when putting a house on the market.