Coronavirus update

We have worked continuously for our clients throughout the pandemic and we will continue to work flat out whilst observing all restrictions.

All our offices are open with full Covid protection procedures in place.  

We can still deal with almost all legal work using telephone communication and “video” meetings over zoom or other platforms are the “norm” now.

Procedures have changed on the witnessing of certain documents notably wills and powers of attorney – allowing “video” witnessing – so we can still complete that work.

Courts have reopened as has the Land Register for Scotland. So all conveyancing and court matters including executry processes after a death can now be completed again. 

The house purchase and sale market is back working normally.   Clients can buy, sell and arrange mortgages satisfactorily.

We have solicitors with full PPE so if we have to visit clients at home or in hospital this can be done if no other means of “meeting” can be used.

If you wish to discuss any legal issue – even just to have peace of mind about an issue for the future –

Please don’t hesitate to ring us 0800 005 1755.