NLA launches in Scotland

In news that could be of interest to anyone looking to buy a house in Scotland, a new landlords association has been launched north of the border.

A Scottish branch of the National Landlords Association (NLA) has been established with the aim of supporting the role played by the rented property sector in the wider housing market in the region.

While the newly-established association will maintain a Scottish focus, the fact that it forms part of a UK-wide organisation is likely to account for much of its strength and usefulness to landlords around the country, according to the first chairman of the NLA Scotland Jim Parker.

"Nowadays, there are a very wide range of issues which impact on landlords up and down the country and this development seeks to serve our Scottish members even more as they meet these challenges," said David Salusbury, chairman of the NLA.

In other news that could interest anyone looking to buy a house in Scotland, the National Association of Estate Agents recently urged the prime minister Gordon Brown to revise the stamp duty system in such a way that reflects the sharp rise in house prices in recent years.