More people 'to enter Scotland's buy-to-let market'

A growing number of people are expected to enter the buy-to-let market north of the border, according to comments from a company representing residential landlords. David Kendall, regional representative for Scotland for the National Landlords Association (NLA), said that due to the health of the Scottish market, investors are coming from other areas of the UK and Ireland to buy a house in Scotland. However, Mr Kendall expressed the view that while the number of those looking to buy a house in Scotland will grow, this will not solely be down to people from elsewhere entering the market. “There will be more and more investors moving there – and also people within Scotland, where they can, will continue to buy,” Mr Kendall said. He pointed to areas such as the south-east of England and Ireland as places where house prices “have obviously gone up”, encouraging residents of these places to look to the more stable Scottish market. The NLA has more than 13,000 members and aims to protect the interests of private rented sector landlords.