'Location is key' when buying property

The local environment in which a property is situated remains the crucial factor when making a good investment, according to Caesar and Howie’s managing partner, David Borrowman.

Providing advice for Polish newcomers to the UK, Mr Borrowman has warned against investing in properties which appear to be a bargain based on the amount of space available, stating that this should raise questions about the nature of the neighbourhood.

While convenience, such as proximity to a workplace, is often important to buyers coming in from overseas, researching the local area is also key, he suggests.

"Too often, I have to say, newcomers zone in on property which appears to offer extensive accommodation for a cheap price," Mr Borrowman contends.

"When that is the case there is usually a reason – sometimes related to the quality of the neighbourhood."

He gave the example of a client whose ostensible "great buy" – a flat retailing at around half the price anticipated – turned out to be in an area with a record of drug and youth crime problems.

Mr Borrowman advises always imagining selling the property on within a few months of making the purchase.

"Will that property sell again quickly at the same or better price? You want a yes answer to that question – and if you get that you have effectively selected a desirable location," he adds.

Caesar and Howie, a division of the Central Scotland Law Group, has developed the website buyyourhomeuk.co.uk intended to cater for the needs of incoming Polish workers.

Through this service it hopes to provide help in gaining finance, provide conveyancing services and advising on all aspects of purchasing a new home.