LIFT mortgages may Lift the market

The Low Cost Initiative for First Time Buyers is proving an attractive option for some first time buyers – and is bringing more activity to the housing market – at least that is the view of Caesar and Howie property experts. Experienced mortgage broker Sandy McFarlane of Caesar and Howie comments – “I have never been busier on the mortgage front – mostly with LIFT cases. We have learned everything there is to know about LIFT mortgages and provided you know and understand the criteria you can access LIFT funds as a deposit for first time buyers. This will help meet the continuing demand for young couples in particular to get on to the housing ladder” The scheme which is operated through housing associations effectively means you are gifted a percentage of the purchase price as a deposit – provided on a future sale the same percentage is repaid. But with no interest payable this is an attractive proposition for many first time buyers who might struggle to save up the deposits now required by lenders. There is a price limitation however – as the scheme is intended to stimulate the first time buyer sector of the market. Experienced property consultant at Caesar and Howie Vivienne Malcolm explains that the limits can sometimes be restrictive but do work. “The key thing is to know the price range in your local area – you can get these on the LIFT section of the Caesar and Howie website. Once you know the range you can concentrate on finding a property within it – and with lots of properties going under the asking price you would be surprised what can be bought under the scheme. And another benefit is that the scheme covers second hand and new properties – and some developers with the reduced prices they are seeking – have available new properties which qualify. I think with sellers willing to do deals – it can be win win for some first time buyers using the LIFT scheme.” With sixty million pounds available to be lent under the scheme maybe up to 2000 purchases could be carried out using these funds. Managing partner David Borrowman comments “This is clearly a help to the market at this time – it has been the lack of first time buyers over the last 18 months which has slowed things down. If this group were to get buying again it would get everything moving since the sellers to this group would presumably also purchase.” To find out more please contact 0845 855 4411.