Law Society of Scotland 'to debate legal services tensions'

A meeting will be held by the Law Society of Scotland this week to discuss friction between consumer and commercial interests over legal services, it has been reported

The possible ramifications of alternative business structures (ABS) proposed for firms in Wales and England will be debated, reports the Scotsman.

While ABS is not currently in practice, the Office of Fair Trading has recommended that the Scottish parliament considers lifting restrictions such as rules regarding advocates’ business structures and third-party market entry, which could "be causing harm to consumers", states the publication.

Director of law reform at the law society Michael Clancy stated that it was important for law firms to engage in the debate as any decisions are likely to have significant impact on Scotland’s legal system.

"That is one of the reasons why the conference is so important – it is a very significant crossroads for the profession and the Scottish legal system. It will inform the views that set the timbre for developments in the early 21st century," he said.

As the governing body for Scottish solicitors, the Scottish Law Society promotes the interests of the legal profession and those of the public in relation to solicitors.