Land ownership uncertainty takes place in Glasgow

Ancient trusts and confusion over land ownership laws could prove problems for the development of a nightclub on a Glasgow site. The city’s local authority believes that sections of the plot, which is located in the city’s Botanic Gardens, fall within the category of “common good” land while the council may not have the right to give certain subterranean sections away. Head of development and regeneration at Glasgow city council George Ryan told the Herald: “Officials informed us late last week of the latest developments. “The air space underground isn’t ours to give away and parts of the development would fall foul of common good law.” Consumers concerned over issues of land ownership and other commercial law may find they benefit from seeking legal advice on the matter. Introduced by Robert the Bruce, the law established areas of land to be held by authorities for the good of the people and Glasgow’s common good plot is notoriously fragmented and complex.