Inverness Property Prices Surge Ahead

Many clients of Kupdom have been buying houses in the Inverness area. Those buyers will be pleased then to have seen figures from the Lloyds TSB house monitor issued this week.  They show that the average price for a house in Inverness and the Highlands and Islands is £168,815.  Also the price shows a healthy growth of 6.9 % from the same period last year. Not all parts of Scotland have experienced figures like that with Glasgow and Edinburgh still showing price falls. Aberdeen showed the highest prices rises – averaging 13% – but the North now lies third behind Edinburgh and Aberdeen in the house price league. Many Poles buying houses in Scotland have been drawn to Inverness and the North with Inverness now experience good population growth. “I am not surprised at the figures” says Sebastian Kedziora from Kupdom.  “A lot of our clients appreciate the beauty of the North and many have found jobs perhaps a little more easy to come by than in some parts of Scotland.  It looks like they have been making a good investment buying there also – so I expect the Polish community in Inverness to continue to expand”