Human rights cases 'to be addressed'

Thousands of unresolved Scottish legal cases are due to be revived and many more may be taken up following a ruling by the House of Lords.

Law lords have stated that anyone living in Scotland can pursue a human rights case dating back to 1999.

In light of the ruling, consumers wishing to make a case regarding infringement of their rights may wish to seek legal advice to gain a better understanding of the details of their standing in the eyes of the law.

John Scott, spokesperson for the Law Society of Scotland, told the Guardian that the ruling means more such cases could come to court, such as claims regarding the ill-treatment of the elderly in care homes.

Due to the decision, former prisoners and current inmates who endured "slopping out" in their cells due to inadequate sanitation in prisons are now able to sue the Scottish prison service and are expected to win some £70 million in compensation.

The Law Lords is the highest court of appeal in the UK.