Having an up-to-date will 'helps with the process' of estate division

The process of dividing up the estate of a deceased person is helped by having a will, an independent financial advisor said today.

Managing director for Paladin Financial Services Tim Purdon stated that although not having a will is rarely a major obstacle to dividing up the assets of someone after their death, if on is in existence it makes the process easier.

Mr Purdon added that taking into consideration what you wish to happen to specific contents of your estate when making out a will – such as expensive antiques or collections – can prevent them being split up among the family and reducing their value.

He also recommended that even though planning for death is often difficult for consumers, consumers should update their wills and life assurance "on a regular basis".

Insurer LV= recently advised consumers to add their valuable items – which may include possessions to be left in wills – to their home insurance policies to protect them.