Glasgow builders 'must think green'

Housebuilders in Glasgow have been told by the city’s council that if they want to play a part in residential development in future they will need to "think green", according to reports.

Tens of thousands of homes are to be constructed around the city over the next few years and the local authorities are aiming to put plenty of emphasis on the importance of sustainability.

People looking to buy a house in Scotland might be glad to hear that affordability is also a major concern for Glasgow’s council, but an energy efficiency drive looks set to be undertaken across the city’s construction sector, the Evening Times reports.

"We want large developments to be as energy efficient as possible [and] builders should be looking at putting in local energy generation," said a spokesperson for the Glasgow city council.

In other news that could be of interest to those considering buying a house in Scotland, Glasgow’s council recently signed a multi-million pound deal designed to integrate local property and IT services.