George Wimpey: Transform homes into expressions of personality

Housebuilding company George Wimpey has teamed up with an interior design specialist in order to provide tips on putting a stamp of individuality on new homes.

In advice that may be of interest to people hoping to buy a house in Scotland, the Connections In Design firm has stated that creating a personalised look in the home is easier than might be expected.

Pat Nightingale, of Connections In Design, suggested viewing a new home like a blank canvas; ideas for design and style can be inspired by taking cuttings from magazines and acquiring samples of fabric.

This will enable homeowners to pick a colour scheme that they can work throughout the house, Ms Nightingale said, adding that minimalism is a popular and cost effective format.

Marie Wilkinson, regional sales and marketing director for George Wimpey North West, said: "Buying a brand new home is perfect for people who enjoy transforming their living space into an expression of their own personality."

George Wimpey housing developments can be found throughout the UK, from Cornwall in the south west of England to Aberdeen in Scotland.