Gay couple to divorce after homophobic attacks

One of the first couples to get a civil partnership in Scotland has filed for divorce after the pair suffered a number of homophobic attacks.

Bryan Morgan states that he has sought legal advice on divorce and has elected to legally separate from his civil partner, Richard Brown, after they were driven out of their home in Ayrshire.

He tells the Sunday Mail: "Gangs of up to 15 youths were outside shouting abuse, throwing bricks and trying to break my door down."

Mr Morgan adds that the attacks had a "massive influence" on the breakdown of their relationship.

He concludes that his partner currently has legal rights over him and vice versa and that he wishes for this situation to be resolved.

Mr Morgan and Mr Brown became civil partners at Irvine Registry in May 2006.

Civil partnerships have been legal in Scotland since their introduction on December 5th 2005.