Figures favour Scottish market

The release of figures from the Government confirms the resilience of the Scottish house market. The Communities and Local Government department have issued its house price index for the year to April 2008 and they show annual house price growth at 7.7% in Scotland to be the highest for any region in the UK. However this does also show a price growth rate slower for Scotland than in the precious year which had been 9.3%. Within the UK figures as a whole there is shown to be a drop in the prices of flats of 0.3 per cent. John Renton senior valuer at Caesar and Howie confirmed the figures reflected local experience in the Central belt. I think in most of Central Scotland prices are more affordable in terms of their relationship with incomes than in other parts of the UK. That’s what keeps the Scottish market from big ups and downs in my view. On the other hand continued John “I think the data is a little out of date and I think prices are pretty static at the moment. Sellers need to price sensibly and be patient to get their houses away”.