Estate Agents call for Home Reports to be Scrapped

The National Association of Estate Agents has called on the Scottish Government to scrap Home Reports. Home Reports were introduced by the SNP’s first administration in 2008, despite much criticism by many professionals in the residential property market.  Now the NEAE adds their voice to the criticism.  Their spokesperson for Scotland, David Mackie said “Home Reports are widely seen as an extravagance in Scotland; they haven’t had their desired impact and it’s not too late to suspend the scheme”. Yet another voice criticising Home Reports comes as no surprise to Senior Partner, David Borrowman of Caesar and Howie.  “I welcome Mr Mackie’s comments – yet another sensible plea for removal of Home Reports.  If there is a way to ensure you get bad legislation on the statute book look at how Home Reports came about.  The government’s own trial failed miserably, then they listened to anyone except those professionals actually buying and selling houses.  Home Reports have caused increased costs and uncertainty for sellers and buyers as well, and their existence has caused the return of unnecessary multiple surveys.  That’s just daft.  The trouble is the government don’t listen – their constant comment that Home Reports are great and are here to stay couldn’t be bettered by a PR team for the North Korean government.  But it is hard pressed Scots paying hundreds of pounds more than they need to move house who are paying for this intransigence.  The English have ditched their similar scheme and so should we”.