Energy efficiency 'needn't cost the earth'

Scottish property owners looking to be more environmentally-friendly can do so at very little cost, it has been claimed.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) has stated that homeowners can reduce their energy output, but not at a price.

Zoltan Zovody, strategy manager at the EST, explained that taking measures such as adding insulation to a property, turning down the thermostat by as little as one degree and using energy efficient lightbulbs – actions that could save Scottish property owners some £250 a year.

"There are a range of things people can do in their home that can be no cost such as switching appliances off standby and turning the lights off as you leave a room," Mr Zoltan Zovody.

The National Insulation Association has stated that 40 per cent of the heat lost in the average house is through the loft space and the walls.