Edinburgh 'top for million pound properties'

For those hoping to buy a house in Edinburgh, new statistics from Halifax may be welcome news. According to the Halifax Estate Agents Million Pound Property Report, Edinburgh witnessed the largest number of million pound property sales in the northern regions of the UK in 2007. The bank states that 148 such properties were sold in that time, which was 86 per cent higher than Macclesfield which had the second highest number. Over all, million pound property sales increased by 36 per cent in the UK. However, as Gordon Edwards, managing director at Halifax Estate Agents, explains, there was even more success south of the border. “Although there has been a marked increase in the number of million pound property sales over the past decade, a small number of local authority areas in London continue to account for the significant majority of £1 million sales,” he said. Over the past year, the biggest house price increases have been experienced in Scotland, which may be of interest to those looking to buy a house in Scotland, with an increase of 5.3 per cent, the Halifax House Price Index recently revealed.