Eco-village near Inverness held up as example

Anyone looking to buy a house in Scotland and is concerned about the impact their home may have on the environment may want to look at the eco-village at Findhorn, near Inverness.

The purpose-built homes in the area each have sections of ecological design, according to, with 40 of the several hundred homes in the Findhorn development being classed as eco-houses.

Craig Gibsone runs the UN accredited eco-village training scheme at Findhorn and has called on the government to carefully consider its move to build greener homes.

The new builds cannot be "just a group of houses facing south, with a few solar panels on them", Mr Gibsone said, according to

Eco-friendly measures used in some of the houses in Findhorn that those looking to buy a house in Scotland may wish to use themselves inlcude fast-growing bamboo for making sustainable floors and whole buildings made of recycled whisky barrels.

In March Findhorn hosted the Positive Energy – Creative Community Responses to Peak Oil and Climate Change conference.