Drinks testing to occur for all stoppages

A summer road safety campaign in Scotland is seeing all drivers stopped for minor offences breathalysed, according to reports.

It is common practice for all drivers involved in an accident or suspected of being over the limit to take the test, but for a two-week period police officers have been directed to breathalyse all drivers stopped, the Scotsman reports.

Those stopped include drivers speeding, those failing to wear a seatbelt or having a faulty vehicle.

"Police forces across Scotland are always vigilant to drink-driving, but this campaign means you’re more likely than ever to be stopped, breathalysed and prosecuted," said John Vine, Tayside’s chief constable.

The increase in testing has been implemented in response to an increase in figures for drink driving in Scotland over the winter, the BBC has stated.

Penalties for drink driving include a ban of at least 12 months and additional fines or possibly a jail sentence.