Couples 'jump at the chance' to marry in Scotland

Couples are jumping at the chance to tie the knot at one of Scotland’s southern-most border towns, according to reports.

Always a popular place to get married, Gretna has been particularly busy with matrimonial ceremony in recent days as a rush of people visited the town on February 29th, the Scotsman reports.

Wedding ceremonies often prompt a need for legal advice in Scotland and this year’s leap day saw dozens of couples cross the near-by border from England and walk down the isle in Gretna.

The town has been attracting teenage couples from England for centuries because Scottish law does not require parental consent for youngsters to marry and the tradition is reportedly still going strong.

Unlike Scottish law, the rules on marriage for England and Wales were set down in 1753 and they stipulate that couples aged under 21 require parental consent before they tie the knot.