Calls for more family homes made

A housing website catering for the new homes market has renewed calls for an increase in the number of family homes. has asserted that detached homes currently comprise around a quarter (26 per cent) of new builds, compared to more than half (54 per cent) constituted by apartments.

The website launched a campaign in 2006 to increase the family homes available and has renewed its calls in recent days.

It states that the government should co-operate more closely with developers, which have a clearer idea of demand in specific areas.

David Bexon, managing director of the firm, told Mortgage Solutions: "With often little or no outdoor space and no opportunity to expand, the needs of the majority of young families are just not being met.

"Government has to address this issue and adjust their current planning policies accordingly."

The government has called for a change in the level of new homes undergoing construction, with current targets set at 200,000 new homes each year to keep pace with the requirements of the population.

However, according to the Guardian, a new report from the Sustainable Development Commission criticises the haste to build such numbers of new properties is leading to a lack of consultation, too few facilities and poor design standards.