Caesar & Howie Welcome Changes To Come

The momentous decision taken by the Law Society of Scotland to allow new business models for legal firms has been warmly welcomed by Caesar and Howie. The changes which will probably take about three years to come into force will allow Law Firms to be owned or part owned by non -lawyers. At the moment only lawyers may own their firms and they cannot work as part of a wider company or partnership. Some commentators have suggested that this change will cause the demise of the local “High Street” lawyer. However David Borrowman – managing partner of Caesar and Howie sees things differently. “This I see as a great opportunity for our firm – not a threat. We have been expecting this decision for some time and we have been working to ensure we are ready to take the opportunities which it brings. We have excellent expertise in various areas of our work and we are sure if others wanted to work with us they would bring in their expertise to the mix. The bottom line is to ensure our clients enjoy the best service we can give them and if that means working in a different way with new techniques and in new structures we are very much up for that” David continues “The Law Society will insist in their forthcoming work, that any new structures must contain safeguards to ensure no conflict of interest can arise and that lawyers must continue to put clients interests first. Provided that ethical framework remains think how firms law could be transformed for the better by the injection of new investment, new ideas, and modern marketing methods. The next few years will be challenging and interesting times for us all”