Buy-to-let property-hunters 'should aim for big centres'

Househunters looking for Scottish property to let out may choose to follow the advice of one property website and aim for a larger town or city.

The BuyAssociation has advised buyers to gravitate to the larger centres in the UK for better investment potential.

Paul Collins, property editor of the company, explained that suburbs and areas outside of a major town or city are more popular among people looking to buy a house rather than rent.

"It’s somewhere they’d like to buy, settle and spend a significant amount of time. They would probably be looking to buy, rather than rent," Mr Collins said.

Family homes may be a popular renting opportunity instead of smaller commuter-based properties, he added, something which may be of interest to those hoping to buy a house in Edinburgh.

Elsewhere in Scotland, the Vale of Glamorgan was recently rated amongst the top ten places in the UK for the best quality of life.