Attention elderly drivers. Please see the attached request from a TV company. If anyone wants to take part please be in touch with us or contact the company direct. Thank you.

Elderly Drivers: Did You Pass Your Driving Test Many Years Ago? Perhaps You Never Sat A Test At All? Do you Worry About Your Driving Now? Or Do Family And Friends Tell You Not To Drive?   Matchlight, (the Television Company that brought you, BBC1’s ‘Taking The Keys Away’) are making a new documentary series about driving. We’re working with the Automobile Associate (AA) for a Channel Five series and we’re looking for people to take part. If you want some reassurance that your driving skills are still up to scratch, and if you fancy taking part in some fun, TV filming, then please get in touch.   Perhaps your family and friends constantly criticize your driving, or perhaps a few ‘near misses’ have caused you to be concerned about your driving techniques. Do you struggle to keep up with the fast moving pace of today’s road networks? Perhaps modern driving gets you down and you find yourself taking the bus more often, but you’re keen not to lose your independence.  If you, or someone you know, might appreciate some help with driving, get in touch.  We are looking for retired people, who might like to take part in a fun, and high profile, documentary series and improve their driving at the same time. Email me, telling me a bit about yourself on or call Rosy on 0141 332 0319.