A working week with Caesar and Howie

A comparison of the working practices adopted by city and country law firms in Scotland has seen Caesar and Howie’s Kate McCutcheon detailing her work life over a one-week period, in the Scottish Law Gazette.

The wide range of legal services offered by the firm are demonstrated by Kate’s schedule, which commenced on Monday with an application for full civil legal aid and the taking of statements from a client who had been the victim of domestic abuse.

Tuesday’s tasks include the continuation of work on this case alongside meetings with clients regarding adoption and employment law.

Wednesday saw Ms McCutcheon successfully apply for protection orders for her client from the Sheriff, while consulting with a senior member of the court department to ensure the smooth running of the case.

"I know most of the court department now so even if Robert is in court it’s normally easy to find someone who is willing to help," she explains.

Arrangements for Sheriff Officers to serve a court order to the victim’s opponent dominated Thursday morning, while the rest of the afternoon was spent receiving instructions from clients.

The day was punctuated by a lunch poring over photos of the Christmas party with colleagues – reflecting the nature of the firm which, while dispersed over a number of local offices, nonetheless maintains a friendly and close-knit atmosphere, the trainee lawyer explains.

Ms McCutcheon’s week culminated in an appearance at civil court, preparing for continuations, motions and options hearings including child welfare hearings, while her afternoon was spent corresponding with clients before joining colleagues for a well-earned drink in a local bar.

The Scottish Law Gazette is published by the Scottish Law Agents Society, the council of which meets monthly to discuss current topics and make recommendations to the Scottish Law Society, the government and other bodies.