We seek always to charge fair reasonable and transparent fees for all work done. At the start of all work you will either receive a fee quote or intimation of the basis on which you are being charged.

Listed below are our current charges for different types of work. Please note that these charges sometimes include outlays necessarily payable by us on your behalf to third parties during the work. Examples of such outlays would be the cost of registering a property title, or paying court dues. We have no control over the level of these outlays which can be changed by the third parties involved at any time. Any “fixed fee” shown below is simply an example of such fees, not an actual quote. You will receive a quotation at the outset if your work is to be carried out on a fixed fee basis. The fixed fees mentioned below with relevant outlays will cover all tasks necessary to complete matters for our clients. Fixed fees are intended for work which can be completed in a “standard” fashion, without any unanticipated extra work or difficulty arising. In the event of extra work or extra difficulties arising we reserve the right to charge extra. This happens rarely – and all clients would be advised when such a situation arose.
Please note that all our fees are quoted exclusive of VAT.
If you have any concern about fees during your work please make them known to your solicitor.




House priceSale plus VATPurchase plus VAT
Price up to £80,000 £ 525 plus £ 105£525 plus £100 Plus Outlays
£80,001 to £150,000£ 600 plus £120£600 plus £120 Plus Outlays
£150,001 to £250,000£ 700 plus £140£700 plus £140 Plus Outlays
£250,001 to £400,000
£400,001 to £750,000
£ 825 plus £165
£1,050 plus £210
£825 plus £165 Plus Outlays
£1,050 plus £210 Plus Outlays
Over £750,001Min 0.15%Min 0.15% Plus Outlays

LBTT is exempt up to £145,000, then 2% to £250,000, then 5% to £325,000, then 10% to £750,000, then 12% above that. Outlays can be found at


Fixed fee or percentage by negotiation.

RIGHT TO BUY– £475 plus VAT and outlays

LIFETIME MORTGAGES – £695 plus £139 VAT & outlays plus SHIP certificate at £75. (Lifetime Mortgage with basic Wills & POA included – single person £795 / £895 joint plus VAT & outlays – office apt)
Extra visits, hospital or home visits plus £75 per hour)
HOME REVERSION – £425 plus £85 VAT & outlays plus SHIP certificate if required
REMORTGAGE FEES – straight forward legal work only – £ 440 plus £88 VAT & Outlays


In calculating our “time and line” fees, we split the hourly rate into units of 6 minutes rounded up to the nearest unit. This hourly rate changes from time to time – usually on 1st January- and depends on the status of the person carrying out the work. At present the rates are as shown below.

We do not differentiate between a meeting and a telephone conversation except for brief telephone conversations as follows: 1 – 3 minutes – 0.6 units; 4 – 6 minutes – 1.2 units; 7 – 12 minutes – 2.2 units; 12 mins and over- charge as time: and whether we make or receive a telephone call.

Letters (including facsimiles, e-mails, intimations, certificates of execution and letters, etc) sent which provide information, advice or guidance are charged at 1.50 Units per 125 words or part or, if lengthy, according to time engaged.

Letters of acknowledgement or confirmation sent are charged at 0.5 Units.

Draft self-proving Documents and Deeds, Initial Writs, Accounts of Charge and Discharge and the like are charged on the time taken to prepare the drafts plus a printing charge of 0.75 units 250 words or part;

Inventories, court pleadings, motions and the like are charged at 6 Units per 250 words or part unless based on a style when they are charged by time engaged in revising plus a printing charge of 0.5 units per 250 words or part.

Transfers, Minutes of Meetings, interview statements, separation agreements, inventories of productions, transfers, routine procedural Motions and the like are charged at 4 Units per 250 words or part. Time charge for interviews is hourly rate. From this a “framed statement” for use in your case is prepared with charge of 4 units per 250.
N.B. A worked example using £250 hourly rate where 1 unit = 6 minutes = £25: interview time = 1 hour mins = £250.00. From this interview a framed statement of 1,000 words is prepared. At 4 units per 250 words = 16 units which is £400.00 Total fee arising from this interview is £650.00.

Perusing (reading and considering the effect of) documents and productions received is charged by time engaged,

Preparation for court appearances and travel, whether to court or elsewhere, is charged as an attendance.

Retrieval of files wills and titles from archive: 2.5 Units at Paralegal rate. File Storage £15 per file including VAT.

Administration fee for underpaid postage on letters you send to us: 1 unit at Paralegal rate plus postal outlay.

Photocopies are charged at 13 pence per copy.

Mileage is charged at £0.60 per mile.

Funds Transfers by CHAPS are charged at £45 including VAT.

Funds Transfers by Faster Payment are charged at £25 including VAT.

If you have any questions on the hourly rate chargeable, or the way in which our fees are calculated, please contact us. If we have to take recovery action for our fees and outlays, we will charge not only judicial expenses but also all other expenses incurred, for example inhibitions and trace fees.
Rates per hour
STEP qualified Executry Partner £250
Partner/Associate £230
Solicitor £205
Executry Paralegal/Executry Trainee £205
Paralegal/Trainee £175
Consultant £240
Unqualified staff 50% of relevant fee earner rate
Our fees are exclusive of VAT (except where otherwise noted) and outlays.

Family Care pack (will, power of attorney and advance directive all instructed together)

Advance Directive (Living Will)– £95 plus VAT single or £150 plus VAT Joint
Will Service for simple/basic– £175 plus VAT single or £250 plus VAT Joint
Will Service more complex (Trusts) – quotation given at start of work
Transfer of Title (relinquish share)– £295 plus VAT & Outlays
Transfer of Title (gaining share)– £425 plus VAT & Outlays (with same lender)
Transfer of Title (gaining share 1st registration)-£520 plus VAT & Outlays (with same lender)
Transfer of Title (gaining share)– £550 plus VAT & Outlays (with new lender)
Transfer of Title (gaining share 1st registration)-£650 plus VAT & Outlays (with new lender)
Power of Attorney (Conveyancing only)– £75 plus VAT inclusive per person
Power of Attorney (Single)– £250 plus VAT £81 registration dues (office visit)
Power of Attorney (per couple)– £400 plus VAT & £162 registration dues (office visit)
POA (hospital, home, extra visits)– from £110 per hour (dependent on time involved)
Family Care Package– £380 plus VAT single or £580 plus VAT joint
Property Protection Trust– £2,500 approximately
Evacuation of Special Destination e.g. survivorship destination– £295 (registered title) plus VAT or £380 (Sasine) plus VAT and registration dues
Help to Buy ISA withdrawal– £60 plus VAT
Notarisations– £75 inclusive
SHIP certificates– £75 inclusive
Discharge of Mortgage– £190 plus VAT & outlays
Paying unsecured debts by agreement– £160 plus VAT
Removing Statutory Notices– £50 plus VAT for each Notice
Removing Inhibition– £250 plus VAT & outlays or dependent on work
Guarantors arrangements – £200 plus VAT
Title Insurance– £30 plus VAT 
Additional securities– £150 plus VAT and registration dues for each
Ranking Agreement (if required)– £130 plus VAT
Minute of Agreement (if required)– £130 plus VAT
Septic Tank Registration– £100 plus VAT and outlays or dependent on work
New Build Searches– £100 plus VAT
Plans report queries – dependent on circumstances (min. £120 + vat)
Coal Authority report problems– £30 plus VAT per report
Additional lender offer clauses – dependent on work involved
Late Loan papers receipt-£100 plus VAT
Short dates of completion – dependent on work involved
Post missives claims – dependent on work involved
Trust Deed termination – dependent on work involved
Polish translation – dependent on work involved
Completion of LIFT application– £95 plus VAT
Assignation/retrocession of endowment policy
Separation Agreement
– £80.00 plus posts at 5% plus VAT per policy
– £750 plus VAT & outlays minimum – no limit 
Divorce (undefended)  (see table)– £550 plus VAT & outlays minimum 
Guardianship Order (G/ship)– £2 to £4k approx plus VAT & outlays
Intervention Order– £2 to £4k approx plus VAT & outlays 
Bond of Caution for Financial Guardianships and Intervention Orders where required – dependent on size
Executries (over £30k only) – dependent on size of estate
Accident Claims – dependent on work involved
Digital Archiving & Storage– £22 Other necessary work not detailed above will be dependent on circumstances            
Other necessary work not detailed above will be dependent on circumstances