Scottish judicial system ‘may change’

First minister Alex Salmond has hinted at possible changes to the Scottish judicial system, including the ‘double jeopardy’ law.

The principle allows suspects to be tried for the same crime twice and Mr Salmond stated in first minister’s questions that he would address the issue, but careful consideration was needed and that there should be no "knee-jerk" alterations to laws.

Mr Salmond added that there were a number of potential changes in Scotland’s legal system that could be considered.

Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Annabel Goldie told the Courier: "This will mean that victims of serious crime in Scotland – and their families – will have access to the same level of justice as currently available in England and Wales, which they have been denied for the past four years."

It was recently reported that calls for reform of the Scotland’s trial system were made in a report by retired high court judge Lord Coulsfield.